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Thanks very much for coming to my website.

I’m Greg Varhaug, and I’ve been teaching guitar, bass and piano for more than twenty years. I’ve been a professional musician for longer than that. I have played more than 2300 gigs in my life, most of them here in Houston.

I’m well-versed in most popular styles, including rock, blues, country, reggae and jazz. I can sound like almost anyone I want.

My approach to teaching music is very different from most other teachers. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you the kind of instruction I offer is not available anywhere else. If you have had music lessons before, you will see the difference in the first few minutes.

My approach is designed to give you the skills you need to play with real music in real time.

I believe the ability to play along with real music is the most important goal when you’re learning an instrument, and it’s the real measure of your skill.

One of my approaches is the ‘virtual group.’ Using specialized looping software, my students are playing along with songs like Sweet Home Alabama, Stitches, Back In Black, and hundreds of others.

My colored dots approach is the easiest way to learn chords and single note patterns. We can play hundreds of songs with only a few easy chord shapes. (It’s easy even if you’ve tried chords before and found them too difficult.)

I invite you to try a different approach to learning guitar, bass or piano - and get a different view of music and how to relate directly to music.

I’m available for lesson house calls in Katy and West Houston. I’m also available for lessons on Skype.