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Greg Varhaug has been teaching guitar and bass guitar for more than 20 years, and playing live for more than 30 years. Now his successful teaching approach is available online, by monthly subscription.

Premium Lessons can help anyone who wants to raise their playing skills on guitar to a professional level. It doesn’t matter what your playing level is right now.

Our visual, play-by-ear approach to teaching guitar will help you reach your musical goals. Some of our subscribers are preparing for college-level music programs. Some want to perform live, or perform better. Some are preparing to record in the studio. All are here to become better guitarists.

Our online lessons include hundreds of the most effective and powerful practice routines that exist anywhere.

Our Practice Video Library walks you through all the basic techniques, giving you the physical conditioning to keep up with the band. Practice routine videos guide you step by step through all of the techniques you need to play authentic rhythm and lead guitar parts in rock, blues, jazz, country and all related styles.

Lesson Videos show you how to augment your technique to compliment different styles of music. Lesson Videos show you how to combine all of the things you drilled on in the Practice Videos.  

Your best bet for success in this business is preparation. You can’t fake it, and you can’t cram before the performance. Take care of the music, and the music
might take care of you.

Our Premium Lessons offer you the fastest way to get good.









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