Dreams by Fleetwood Mac -- Chord progression is F to G.

The First Cut is the Deepest by Rod Stewart. This is the definitive version of the Cat Stevens song. This song has been widely covered, including by Sheryl Crow. Song starts at 0:19.
Verse chord progression:    C / G / F / G  and  C / F / G / G

True Blue by Rod Stewart
Chord Progression:  D / A (C#) / Bm / Bm
" Don'cha think I'd better find my way back home. "
G                               A                                             D

You Wear It Well - by Rod Stewart
Chords:  D - G - A      Em - F#m - G - A

Baba O'Riley
by the Who    Chords: |F     | Bb  C |

A Whiter Shade of Pale -- The most famous and recognizable organ part in rock history. The suit surrounding this song changed case law in the UK when the organist was awarded back-royalties. We have an original arrangement for piano.

Revival by the Allman Brothers
Part 2 starts at 1:20   A - D - E - A

Breaking Us in Two by Joe Jackson - This part is more complicated, but not too technically difficult.