Fingerpicking For Beginners is almost here! (July 18, 2023) The first lesson book from HoustonGuitar will be available on Amazon soon. The complete video lesson series will be available on Youtube. I've been delayed by a couple of computer problems, but videos will be posted within a few days. If you're the ONE person who purchased a copy from Amazon while I was testing the KDP system, contact me and I will mail you a corrected copy of the book.


Live, one-to-one lessons for guitar, piano or bass.

Guitar Dots Method for Beginners Guided Practice Videos for Guitar • Non-Reading Rock Piano Lessons - Perfect for guitar players who want to learn piano.

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For Beginners: Guitar Dots are free with your first paid guitar lesson. If you want to use Guitar Dots in your lessons, including Campfire Guitar, then be sure to schedule at least a week ahead of time, to make sure your Guitar Dots have time to arrive in the mail. For lessons, send an email to the address on the Contact page.  More about Guitar Dots.

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