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Most piano teachers wont take you as a student unless you learn to read staff notation. But it is possible to learn to play piano by ear, and by concept, without reading music.

As far as reading music goes, HoustonGuitar’s Rock Piano lessons will meet you wherever you are – or aren’t. If you’re comfortable with reading, and you want all of your parts written out, that’s fine. I’m fluent in writing in Musescore. If you half-way read, and you do best with staff notation with notes penciled-in, then fine, I’ll do that. If you want to avoid staff notation completely, and learn in terms of note-names and shapes, then we can do that also. I can adapt to any learning style.

One of the only ‘requirements’ is that you learn the note names of the keys, ‘A’ through ‘G,’ and the sharps and flats. As long as you’re familiar with the note names, then we have an efficient way to communicate, and discuss parts.