Live guitar lessons on Skype, Zoom, and other platforms are $30 for a half hour lesson, scheduled individually. (Regular weekly times are available.)

I’ve been teaching guitar online for a year and a half. The advantage of learning online is that I can combine live lessons where I can interact with students, together with focused video demonstrations that students can watch on demand. My live video rig lets me get tight closeups of either hand, or both hands together in the higher registers. Sharing tabs and diagrams is as easy as handing you a piece of paper.

In the past several years, I’ve produced practice videos and tracks geared to guitarists who want to develop pro-level chops for the studio and stage. I’m not talking about becoming a shredder. I’m talking about old-school musical competence, on electric and acoustic guitar. If you’re trying to do something with your music, I can be a great coach.

• No weekly schedule (unless you request a weekly time). Once you’re in the system, book only when it’s convenient for you. I’m even flexible about rescheduling paid lessons, where possible and within reason. No demands, no guilt-trips, no obligation.
• Visual, play-by-ear approach
• No note reading required
• Play in real time with real music
• Styles: Classic Rock, Blues, Texas Country, Smooth Jazz, Acoustic, Reggae, World Beat, etc. If you’ve ever pried a jammed cassette tape out of a car stereo, then I can relate to you musically.
• Just 45 minutes practice recommended per week
• Guided practice videos and tracks help you learn the essentials

Guitar lessons aren’t supposed to go on forever. You’re supposed to set your goal, get what you need, then move on with your life. You’re not starting a life-long relationship. See how quickly a shape-based, play-by-ear approach can turn you into a capable, confident, street-wise musician.

Your goal is to change the way the guitar feels in your hands. I know by watching and listening whether the feeling is right. If you’re physically uncomfortable with something you’re trying to play, then I there’s a conditioning-based solution. If you don’t get past the initial discomfort of playing guitar, you’ll never get the sound you want out of your guitar.

My play-along practice videos and audio tracks are just like any workout video – keep up with the action until the end of the video. Practice routines are based on real guitar parts from hit songs.

My students never say, “I don’t know what to practice.” With hundreds of guided practice routines on chords, scales, picking … you’re never stuck in a rut.

• I can help you reach your musical goals.

• I tailor my approach to match the learning style of each student.

• I wont bombard you with useless information. I’m still amazed at how many online teachers require their students to read staff notation, even though they’re not preparing for any situation where they will have to read staff.

• Take only as many lessons as you want. You can book lessons individually. There’s never an obligation to take another lesson. I wont contact you unless you specifically ask me to. You can book lessons up to four months in advance.

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For Beginners / Campfire Guitar Program

Tuning the guitar
Open chords
Simple melodies
C major scale in open position
Em/G pentatonic scale in open position
Am/C pentatonic scale in open position
2-note power chords with roots on the 6th and 5th strings