You know how to play a few simple songs. Now you want to take your playing and your understanding of the guitar to another level - but you’re stuck.

For intermediates, the problem is ‘Stuckness.’ When you’re learning music on your own, there are a lot of ways to flounder and waste time.

You might think, “As long as I’m learning something, I’m getting better.” That’s true, depending on what you’re learning.

If your goal is to become a better player, then ‘Learning for learning’s sake’ is an inefficient approach. I can help you define a playing goal, then creating a ‘technical bridge’ to get you there.

Some of my students are in school bands, praise & worship groups. Some are trying to get good enough to join a band. Some are songwriters. Some just want to play better for their own enjoyment.

When you progress from beginner to playing more complex parts, it’s often hard to get the exact information you need to get better at a certain part, or type of part.

My main job working with intermediates is to identify your problems, then help you solve them. You (the student) often don’t know what your problem really is.

For instance, when students tell me that their timing is bad, it’s almost never true. They’re usually just having trouble with a transition. It maybe a transition between chords, or from one song section to another. The solution is session training, starting with a slow tempo and working up.

Intermediate players have a wider range of lesson goals,  and they have different needs than beginners.

I can do a custom lesson for just about any song you want to learn. It doesn’t matter if I know the song already or not.

A lot of my intermediate players are learning lead guitar. The most popular lead styles with my students are Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Larry Carlton and Duane Allman.

Let me help you take your playing to the next level.

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You can book your video conference lesson right now. I use Skype and other platforms. Lessons are booked through SimplyBookMe. We need to communicate by email or skype before you take your first lesson.