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Unplugged Part 1 – This series of background tracks explores basic chord progressions using CAGED chords in a range of keys and tempos. Explores ballad-style chord grooves for guitar, piano, bass and drums.

Three Chords Four Bars – Part 1

72 BPM. In this common four-bar song form, the last chord is the same as the first. That means there isn’t a strong cue at the end of the progression that the chord cycle is starting over. In most chord progressions, the first and last chords are *not* the same. In most progressions, there’s a chord change that marks the start of the progression. This song form is used in Can’t You See from The Marshall Tucker Band, Dear Mr Fantasy from Traffic, Dani California by RHCP, and What’s Up by Four Non-Blondes.)

1  D / Cadd9 / G / D

2  E / D / A / E

3  G / F / C / G

4  A / G / D / A

5  C / Bb / F / C