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Recreations of Radio Station Playlists

KNUS 98.7 FM DALLAS – A recreation of KNUS FM in Dallas from 1968 to 1973.

KZEW 98 FM DALLAS – A recreation of Dallas radio station KZEW circa 1977, and earlier. This playlist features the best of the period from 1973 to 1977, including the emergence of acoustic rock, soft rock, and women artists. KZEW also played many songs from the KNUS playlist. Songs in the KNUS playlist are *not* repeated in the KZEW playlist.

KAFM 92.5 FM DALLAS – Texas ‘Progressive Country’ music covering 1968 to 1976. A combination of songs played on KAFM 92.5 FM in Dallas, and KAMC 95 FM in Arlington. KAFM was formerly KRLD, the hard rock FM sister station to the AM news station that’s still operating today. Unfortunately, many of the records by regional artists were never released on CD, are out of print in vinyl, and aren’t available on Spotify. There is some overlap with KZEW.

KERA 90.1 FM DALLAS – A recreation of music programming on KERA FM in Dallas from 1986 to 1992. A boldly eclectic, international mix, featuring many important women artists. Today, KERA is 24-hour NPR/APR/BBC.

KDGE 94.5 FM DALLAS – A recreation of music programming on KDGE FM, “The Edge,” in Dallas from 1986 to 1992.  See post: The Buzz and the Edge

I offer these radio station playlists as historical documents. The radio station playlists are the unvarnished truth. The Groove Music playlists are based on the radio playlists, but are more sanitized, and more family-friendly.

Groove Music School Playlists on Spotify

#1 Rock and Pop Classics

#2 20th Century Classical Music

#3 17th thru 19th Century Classical

#4 Eclectic Mix

#5 The 1960’s

More Cool Playlists (By Other People)

World Cafe Playlist – Only 40 songs at a time, updated every few days, so visit often.

Jazz Guitar Giants

Stevie Wonder “Looking Back” – Partial recreation of the 3-album compilation release on Motown Records.

Jazz – Guitar Mostly

Lost Gonzos, Cosmic Cowboys – Alternative country music compilation with a Texas twist