Brubeck At Carnegie Hall 1963

The Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall album was recorded and released in 1963. The CD is longer than the album, with edited material replaced. The CD also follows the order of the songs in the original performance.

This post also features jazz piano from about the same time as the two songs from Vince Garibaldi and Ramsey Lewis in the previous post. In the world of jazz, Brubeck, and saxophonist Paul Desmond, are about as accessible as you can gets. It’s a good album to listen to from start to finish. If you like one song, you will probably like them all. “Blue Rondo a la Turk” is in the KNUS playlist.

Brubeck’s piano parts, and the theory behind his compositions, are beyond my comprehension. Jazz guitarists and pianists can learn a lot about single-line solos from copying Paul Desmond’s sax solos. Desmond is a subdued, melodic player, with a tone and vibe similar to Stan Getz.

I’ve always felt that Brubeck’s jazz compositions are some of the most accessible to people who have not had an previous exposure to jazz.

Dave Brubeck — piano
Paul Desmond — alto saxophone
Eugene Wright — double bass
Joe Morello — drums

YouTube links:

St. Louis Blues

Blue Rondo Ala Turk

Bossa Nova U.S.A.

For All We Know

Three To Get Ready

Eleven Four (45 second stage introduction)

Castilian Drums