Best Guitar Capo

This is the best capo at the best price. The key phrase is 'NS Lite Guitar Capo.' You should be able to find one for less than about $12. Guitar…

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Allan Pettersson’s Symphony 6

Allan Pettersson's Symphony 6 is my favorite piece of orchestral music. It received international acclaim when it premiered in 1967, along with his Symphony 7 in 1968. YouTube Links: Allan…

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Musescore is a free, open-source music editor. It’s available as a free download from several reputable websites, as well as at With Musescore, it’s easy to write music in…

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Keeping the Lights On in Texas

In June 2012, I wrote an article for NBIZ Magazine where I described Texas' "Energy-only" power market structure, quoted industry officials explaining their business model, and warned of failures like…

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Gene Taylor’s Sacrifice

From Wikipedia: [[ Gene Taylor (July 2, 1952 – February 20, 2021) was an American musician. Taylor began his musical training as a drummer at age eight but two years…

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Scheherazade Done Right

Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade - San Francisco Symphony Orchestra 1942, Pierre Monteux conducting. Originally released by RCA Red Seal.

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Did the Beatles Know Theory? One of the first points the narrator makes is that the Beatles didn't read or write sheet music. The sheet music of their songs that you buy was all…

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