Guitar Dots Make Online Lessons Easier

I’ve been using Guitar Dots with my face-to-face students for more than 20 years. Now I’m also using the Guitar Dots system with my online students.

Guitar Dots are the easiest least expensive way to improve your online guitar lesson experience. Guitar Dots instantly make your online lessons more relaxed, and they make your online lesson time more productive.

When you book your first lesson, I’ll mail you a set of guitar dots with the custom markings you’ll need to follow this simple, fast and effective system for learning guitar chords and scales. This way, you don’t have to spend $8 or more on a package of dots, and then mark them with a Sharpie, so they match the ones in my lessons.

Guitar Dots work perfectly with HoustonGuitar’s most popular lesson program – Campfire Guitar.

The main focus of Campfire Guitar is playing open-chord rhythm guitar parts. The idea behind Campfire Guitar is applying your knowledge of open chords to real songs, and real-life playing situations.

The goal of the program is to learn each item on the Campfire Guitar Checklist. The Checklist is just a list of open chord shapes, strum patterns, and picking patterns. You’ll learn to strum in rhythm, play bass-down strum patterns, broken chord patterns, etc. Also finger picking and hybrid-flat picking.

Campfire Guitar covers just about everything you’ll need to play thousands of folk songs, acoustic ballads, county rock, and even many classic rock songs.

Campfire Guitar prepares you to play songs by people like Croce, Beatles, Eagles, Elvis, Rondstadt, Creedence, Byrds, Buffet, Dylan, Cash, Willie, Willis, Wills, Jerry Jeff, Murphey, Nunn, Guy, Townes, Keen Jr, Petty, Garth, Denver, Emmy Lou, Skynyrd, Crowes, Ely, Prine, Sheeran, Buckley, Strait, Stills, Young, Drake, JT, Mayer, Fromholtz, America, Lightfoot, Simon, Darius, Cat, Parsons, Lovett, Nicks, Travis, Segar …

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