Best Guitar Capo

This is the best capo at the best price. The key phrase is 'NS Lite Guitar Capo.' You should be able to find one for less than about $12. Guitar…

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The Buzz And The Edge

In Houston, radio station KTBZ 94.5 FM is called "The Buzz." (These days, you almost never hear the station letters. In the old days you had to announce your station's…

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Allan Pettersson’s Symphony 6

Allan Pettersson's Symphony 6 is my favorite piece of orchestral music. It received international acclaim when it premiered in 1967, along with his Symphony 7 in 1968. YouTube Links: Allan…

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A Recording Engineer Mixes a Song

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Recording engineer Daniel Duskin does a live sample mix of the Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Runnin'". This is for those of you who have never seen how a song is…

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Free Drum Machine & Recording Software

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Acoustica Legacy Software Cakewalk by Bandlab The Beatcraft drum program from Acoustica lets you create and store great sounding drum parts. The sound and performance are better and more…

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