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Teaching Music

Teaching Music – About the series

You Don’t Have To Read Music To Play An Instrument

You Don’t Have To Read Music To Work In The Music Business

Reading Music By Ear – Part 1

Reading Music By Ear – Part 2

A Manifesto For Modern Music Education

Misconceptions and Biases in Modern Music Education

Modern Styles and Staff Notation

Redefining Musical Literacy

The Limitations of Staff Notation

Perceiving Musical Information

Perfect Pitch Vs Relative Pitch

number theory

Classical vs Modern – Part 1

Classical vs Modern – Part 2

The Popularity of Classical Music

The Inner Experience of Playing Music

Importance of Listening To Music

What’s Old Is New

Session Training And Recording

Amazing Slow Downer from Roni Music

Stereos and Music Media

Phones and Computers for Music

An Appreciation of Staff Notation

Note Identification App at MusicTheory.Net

Reading Staff Notation – Part 1

Reading Staff Notation – Part 2

A Systematic Approach to Reading Music

Sight Reading Music

Reading Practice

Staff Notation and Info Chunking

Reading Mixed Sharps and Flats

Writing Staff Notation

How Sheet Music for Popular Songs is Written

Page Formatting for Staff Notation

Core Competencies for Musicians

The Classical/Modern Disconnect

The Guitar/Piano Disconnect


Models for Improvising Solos

Indian Classical Music

Musical Notes and Their True Names

Dealing With Mistakes

Musicians and Robots

The Role of Memory in Music

Mentally Practicing Away From Your Instrument

Teaching Beginners By Ear – Part 1

Teaching Beginners By Ear – Part 2

Music Schools and Music Teachers

Taking Lessons on Autopilot

The Default Program

Lesson Supply vs Demand

Assessing Your Music Teachers – Part 1

Assessing Your Music Teachers – Part 2

Dysfunctional Teaching Ploys

Accredited Music Schools

Classical Music Degrees

Non-Accredited Music Schools

Talk to your teacher

solos from books


church bands

cover bands


Essential listening